Quick Tips for Shooting Panoramic Photos Right

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We’ll be exploring panoramic photography in great depth here at Tripl3 Exposure. While there are many techniques to employ, here are five quick tips to get you up and running.

  1. For best results use a tripod. All the pros know that it’s better to use a tripod as a stable platform.  This lets you slightly move the camera to create overlap. Because the camera is steady, you’ll get sharper focus and quicker stitching.
  2. For even better results, get a tripod head that rotates and has degree markers. There are even specialized tripod heads that you can purchase that make leveling and rotation much more precise. Look for a head that has degree markers so you can precisely turn the camera.
  3. Set the camera into a portrait aspect ratio. You may want to pick up an L-plate to make it easier to rotate your camera.
  4. Switch the camera out of auto mode and lock the exposure.  This will help minimize the amount of changes as the camera pans. The last thing you want is the exposure to vary across the panoramic image.
  5. Make sure there is at least a 15% overlap between each shot.    Depending upon the type of lens you use, you will use between 2 and 24 exposures.  More exposures mean less distortion and cleaner panoramic photos.

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