Five Random HDR Photography Tips

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1. Remember that a good HDR photograph starts as a good photograph. The same rules of composition, lighting, angle, etc. apply. Don’t get lazy. Line up the horizon. Watch out for merges. Use good technique. Make it a good photo first – then make it a good HDR photo.

2. When you build your tone map you are NOT done. You need to go do some final touch up in a program like Photoshop to “finish” the photo.

3. Color casts are a part of HDR but the unnatural color casts are the ones that cause some people to be put off by HDR. Pay particular attention to lighter colors (white, silver, etc.) that may soak up the blue from the sky and separately correct those after the tone map. (See number two above.)

4. If the sun is prominent in your scene, you should bracket seven instead of three or five shots. This can be done manually if your auto-bracketing in camera won’t handle that many exposures.

5. While there are software programs out there that will help you get around this, if you’re serious about HDR you really need a good tripod. The less camera movement during capture the fewer ghosts/halos you will be dealing with later.

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