Triple Exposure Podcast Episode #3

Welcome to the Triple Exposure podcast.

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Rich and Scott talk about HDR, Time-Lapse and Panoramic Photography.

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  1. Richard & Scott, I found a great program for timelapses that you might like doing a feature on: LRTimelapse, It’s been incredibly useful to me for doing gradual, incremental changes over time to RAW images, like white balance changes from afternoon into dusk, altering exposure, and even removing flicker. You can do nice gradual cropping with it too, but I do that in After Effects and just use this to prep my images first. I also found it’s great at averaging brightness in photos for panoramics if you were in a hurry and forgot to use manual exposure, haha! Pretty much anything in Lightroom that you would like to gradually change over time can be done with this sweet program. You could also use it with Bridge and After Effects directly without Lightroom. It’s donation-ware, something I respect and encourage in our industry.