How Do You Like Your HDR?

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  1. Actually one option is missing: as long as image looks good, who cares if it is done in realistic fashion or not.
    I personally like to make realistic HDRs because that is what I like in photography – to get what I see as what I see inspires me to record it. However if other people HDRs, ranging from comic-strip like limit to surrealistic limit “click” – I can’t but call them a good thing.

  2. My HDR really depends on the mood of the picture. Some might want to be a scary nightmare that you just can’t seem to wake up from to something realistic where your eyes can relate to it.

  3. I tend to do my HDR very “realistic” but with just enough extra color and detail than any one exposure could do. Although HDR is not typically “merit worthy” in PPA competition, I’ve had very good luck using my recipe with 3 of my 5 merits in the last two years coming from HDR images. One almost earned a spot in the Loan collection but due to a slight sharpening halo, it missed by a hair.

    Most of what I see people doing with HDR is VERY over-the-top and not pleasing to the eye at all.

    Some of my sample HDR’s: