Did You Know There Were Panoramic Photos Before Digital?

I was speaking with my assistant the other day about an old camera that I used to make my first panoramic images. It was a Hasselblad X-Pan. It was a film camera that used 35mm film and allowed images that were wider than the traditional 24x36mm format.

His eyes glazed over as he tried to figure out how this was possible. He wanted to know how I stitched the images. Sigh – no stitching the film is all you get.

So it got me thinking that maybe a post about some of the old panoramic film cameras might be in order. Before Photoshop or digital or anything else, these babies made film-based panoramic images that stood the test of time.

In no particular order.

1. The Hassleblad X-Pan (See above)
2. Horseman SW-612 – a medium format camera that uses 6×12 120 film backs
3. Linhof Techorama 617n Medium format camera favored by architectural, industrial, scenic and travel panoramic photographers
4. Noblex 135, 150 and 175 another panoramic medium format camera with the ability to do shifted and multiple exposures
5. Horizon Kompakt Panoramic Camera, manufactured by Russian company Lomography, is the Holga of panoramic cameras

While some prefer the pure film panoramic cameras that cost as much as $10,000 or even more with lenses, the fact that we can make stunning panoramic images with $500 compact cameras has me glad digital arrived.

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  1. Have you ever heard about the company Roundshot? http://www.roundshot.ch/
    They made some nice panorama camera’s for film and now day’s for digital. (see company>history)
    They now have a digital 6×17 digital camera wich produces 160 million pixel panorama’s.
    But they also have a automated pano head for standard dslr’s.

  2. How about the Widelux? Jeff Bridges uses one, and has photos on his website. Here’s some pics I took with my Widelux. http://widelux.blogspot.com/