Stitching Vertical Panoramic Photos

The technology that powers the Photomerge command can also be harnessed to stitch together vertical shots. The Auto-Align Layers command is a useful way to stitch together multiple shots or scans of a large object or a group photo. The command is very easy to use and produces impressive results.

  1. Choose File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack to combine two or more files into one document.
  2. In the Load Layers dialog box, click the Browse button to navigate to the files you need.
  3. Select multiple images from a folder, and click Open.
  4. In the Load Layers dialog box select the check box next to Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images.
  5. Click OK. Photoshop opens both images and aligns them, and does a good job (especially since the top layer was taken at such an angle). This alignment can be refined even further.
  6. Make sure all the layers are selected in the Layers panel.
  7.  Choose Edit > Auto Align Layers.
  8. Select the Auto option to enable both Vignette Removal and Geometric Distortion options for Lens Correction.
  9. Click OK. Photoshop removes some of the distortion in the glass case, giving it a more rectangular shape.
  10. The layers can be seamlessly blended together using the Auto-Blend Layers command. This applies Layer Masks as needed to each layer to mask out exposure issues and create a seamless composite.
  11. Choose Edit > Auto-Blend Layers, specify the Panorama method, and click OK (be sure the Seamless Tones and Colors check box is also selected).
  12. Crop the image as needed, adjust Levels, and Flatten.

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