Exporting to Video From Photoshop Extended

Whether you’re making slide shows with your HDR or panoramic images or doing time lapse, you may need (or even create) video. One of Photoshop Extended’s greatest abilities is to work with video files.  While you can open a video file in the same way that you would any photograph, you need to save the files in a special way.

1.    Preview your video file or animation Before you export your video or animation, you should watch it playback in real time.  This is a great way to check your file before you export it.  Make sure the Animation (Timeline) panel is visible (Window > Animation).  Then click the Play button. The animation first caches, then plays back in realtime.

2.    Render the video Creating a video file requires that Photoshop render the effects applied to the video clip and process the animation frames.  To start the process, choose File > Export > Render Video.
3. Specify Output. You’ll need to specify several options in the Render Video dialog box.  First enter a name, then specify a location for the file.
4.    Choose a format and size Photoshop can write several different file formats for video. Click the QuickTime Export pop-up menu to choose from options like QuickTime, Flash, Windows Media, or others. You can click the Settings button to choose advanced export options for each format. Click the size pop-up menu to choose an output size that matches your needs.
5.    Choose how much to export In the Range section you choose how much of the video to export.  You can choose to render all frames or just a selected range.

6.    Need more control? If your file contains transparency, you can use the Alpha Channel option to specify how the embedded transparency should be handled. You can also use the Frame Rate pop-up to specify a playback speed.  It’s generally best to leave this set to the default value of Document Frame Rate.
7.    Write the file Give the Render Video dialog box a once over to check your settings.  When ready, click the Render button to write the file. Photoshop processes the animation and places the file in the targeted location.


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