Meet two siblings of time-lapse… stop motion and high-speed photography

I was having a discussion today with a colleague about time-lapse… and we got on the topic of stop motion and high-speed photography.  Like time-lapse, each shows the passing of time in a way that cannot be normally perceived.

The purist in me says that these topics are not time-lapse… but I find that the skills used are close to the same and that the end product has the same emotional response.  Here are two nice examples to frame the conversation.

Stop Motion: B-17 stop motion

High Speed: A moment in time….

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

So what do you think?  Should we explore these at  Do time-lapse photographers also enjoy these forms of storytelling?   Please comment.


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  1. I was introducing a class to stop motion last week and we came to Triple Exposure to view some Time Lapse as a related subject. So, I (and my students) would love to see stop motion and high speed photography incorporated into an already awesome site.