An Affordable Remote Controlled Time-lapse Camera

The Contour GPS has an easy on/off slider switch to start recording and a RED LED to let you know it's rolling.

If you’re looking for a new time-lapse solution, I encourage you to check out the Contour GPS camera (  This camera was originally designed to be used for sports enthusiasts (like skiers and snowboarders) but it has some unique features that make it a strong contender.

This suction cup mount opens up lots of options for shooting. Contour sells several mounting options for their cameras.

  •  The unit is very small (95x58x34mm) and can easily be attached to a variety of mounting points.  It’s also super light,  weighing just over five ounces.
  • It has good battery life at 2.5 hours, plus you can swap batteries in it for a longer day.
  • For its size, it offers a capable 5 Megapixel Sensor.  It’s designed to shoot HD video in the H.264 codec, but it creates adequate JPEG files for still workflows.
  • A 135 Degrees Wide Angle Lens captures a wide field of view.

A freely rotating lens and dual laser system make framing the shot easier.

  • Freely rotating lens.  You can rotate to line up the picture and level the frame.  This is great as your mounting point may not be level.
  • Built-in laser sights let you check if the shot is straight.
  • A built-in GPS can tag your photos.

Remote Control

The image is a little choppy due to Bluetooth, but works well for framing the shot.

The camera also supports a Bluetooth connection.  You can use native iOS or Android Contour app to connect to the device.  This gives you a great live preview of the camera.  If you’re an iOS user, be sure to pick up the Contour Connect View Card.

Hold the top button down for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode.

The preview only works when you’re not recording, but its easy to set up.  Just hold down a small button on top of the camera for five seconds. You can then connect using a phone’s built-in Bluetooth connection. You can also change the camera’s settings easily.  Changing frame rate, exposure, contrast,white balance,  and more.

I’ve got the camera with me on a trip.  I’ll post some shots in the coming weeks.




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  1. That’s also the camera that you can attach to a helmet or bike etc. to take those action shots/video. I saw on sale at TigerDirect. Neat looking setup and a nice price.

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