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Request Line’s Open – What Do You Want To Learn at


Scott and Rich are at Photoshop World this week in Las Vegas.  They are going to be producing both video and audio podcasts/tutorials.  So this is your chance to make requests.

What do you want to know about shooting time-lapse, HDR, or Panoramics?

What new gear do you want to learn about?

Which photo pros should we talk to?

Post your questions in the comments below or send us a tweet to @3exposure.  We’ll do our best to get you answers.

Welcome to Triple Exposure

Photography has been around a long time. One of the reasons for that is the constant innovation and improvement in technique and craft surrounding photography. Another reason is the invention of interesting styles or genres. Enter time lapse, HDR and panoramic photography. While HDR is the new kid on the block, time lapse has been possible since the first motion picture and panoramic photography has been around in some form since the 1840s.

Here at Triple Exposure, we’ll cover these three photographic specialties. We’ll offer tips, tricks, reviews, punditry, training videos, podcasts and anything else we can think of that might interest photographers using time lapse, HDR or panoramic photography.

We’re inteterested in knowing what you want to see here so send us an email at Thanks for stopping by.

Rich Harrington

Scott Bourne