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  1. 3Exposure looks full of promise with all three focus points interests of mine. I’ve got you book marked and will be following you on Twitter.

    • Richard Harrington

      Thanks Sam. We welcome your ideas and glad you like the site. I thought I was a little nuts for liking all three of these areas, until I started talking to friends. Seems like many photographers who think this way are into 2 or 3 of these styles of photography.

  2. Good start! Keep it up, would love to see something about how you are stitching your panoramas together.

    • Richard Harrington

      We have a bunch of new posts in the queue. We’ll tackle some of the Photoshop techniques as well as other solutions out there.

  3. Scott & Richard –

    Really looking forward to this site. I love panoramic shots – they are grand and scenic and really take me to the place and time, especially ones that I’ve shot. Mix HDR in with it and they can be really dramatic.

    Would love to see more about the gigapan hardware/software and other stitching software. I’ve found that there is a lot of different stitching software out there and some of them are not real straight forward.

    Can’t wait to see what you guys bring us. It would make for a great podcast too… would love to see a video podcast centered around photography – it is a visual medium after all!

    • Richard Harrington

      Yes, I find myself able to drift away into the image. I love how they just capture the memory of being there. In some ways seeing most of thew view (as opposed to slivers) just brings me back to some of the great destinations I’ve gotten to see.

  4. Also, covering ways to get that pano out into the real world. I use an OKI printer that will print 8.5 x 36″ now, but want to print bigger (in both directions). Currently considering online stretched canvas solutions.

  5. I like this site and the fact that it is focused on just these specialized topics. Perhaps you would consider one more topic to add; tilt-shift photography.

    Your pole question is tough though, I see most visitors, myself included, picked the “All of them…” choice as the easy way out. Perhaps instead you could do a questionnaire format that would allow us to pick all three in the order of interest. I think this would give you better feedback.

    Here are a couple more options for displaying 360 deg. Panoramas on a website:

    Looking forward to more great content.