This is a statement describing how we go about running this site. It details the policies we use when reviewing or discussing products, outlines our editorial policies and is our attempt at disclosure of anything that our audience might want to know about our business relationships.

We are not journalists or a reporters. We are educators, pundits and subjective opinion columnists, reviewers of photography products and commentators on photography-related issues. We try to uphold journalistic standards when we report something on the site as “news” but ultimately, here we are teachers and commentators and our bias, opinions, and experience guide what we publish.

When we do present what we consider to be factual information, we do the best we can to make sure the facts we provide are accurate and fairly presented. This site publishes very little “straight news.” Triple Exposure mostly offers education, punditry and analysis. When we present analyses, we try to represent our best independent judgments rather than our preferences, or those of our sources, advertisers or information providers.

Triple Exposure sells advertising and we receive compensation for the ads we provide both in the podcast and on the the 3exposure.com website. We are sponsored by Peachpit Press and Adorama.

We do not sell editorial space – ever. The advertising on the site is not connected with the editorial content in any way. We do not accept money to run reviews. We do not own stock in any company we cover on 3exposure.com.

Scott Bourne sits on several boards of advisors in the technology sector, but he only advises one photo-related company – ImageRights.

We do, from time-to-time run Amazon affiliate links inside the 3exposure.com website. If you click on those links and order a product, we receive minimal compensation, usually around four and one half (4.5) percent* of your purchase. This compensation in no way impacts the price you pay at Amazon. If you don’t use our link, you will pay the same price you pay using our link. The only difference is that we won’t receive the small commission. We only list Amazon links that we believe lead to fair prices and products.

*The actual amount of compensation from Amazon changes based on volume.

We are providing this information so that the audience can have all the facts available to them when judging the work we do surrounding Triple Exposure. We will update this page from time-to-time as changes in our circumstances and policies warrant. Visit it often if these things concern you.