Photographers: It’s Time To Register For Summer School

Hi folks. Scott Bourne here with a message about a photo conference you can’t afford to miss. It’s Skip’s Summer School.

I’m proud to once again be on the teaching faculty at Skip’s Summer School for 2012. I’ve taught at each of these events and hands-down, they have been some of my favorite in the industry. Skip’s Summer School had turned into the most amazing boutique photo conference in the business and this year, Skip’s managed to make it better.

It’s one of the best programs and faculty ever assembled and there are some new components that people have asked for in survey after survey.

Before I talk about the up-coming program, here’s a three minute look back at last year that I think you’ll really enjoy…

Here’s what’s different this year…

*Everyone who signs up gets an immediate website review – we’ll help you figure out how to improve your chances of getting seen on the web.

*Now in Chicago with a more centralized location that’s easier for most people to get to than Vegas.

* It’s not just classroom stuff – Now each attendee gets a full day of hands-on with the two instructors of their choice.

* Enhanced platform programs and speakers.

*A couples workshop – more couples are working together in the photo industry than ever before and we have advice from three pro couples who have seen it all.

*Two catered lunches on Monday and Tuesday – this will maximize everybody’s time and we’ll be running two panel programs at lunch as well.

*Discounted $75 registration for WPPI next year.

*Enhanced network building experience unlike any other workshop or conference.

I can’t stress how important it is to get to know and learn from the other people in the photo business who have been there and done that. Here’s your chance. All the registration info is right here at

A Great Time-lapse Portrait of America

A little inspiration for your enjoyment.

Have an iPad? Download a Free iBook on Panoramic Photography

I wanted to give the new iBooks Author app a whirl, so I bundles up some of my panoramic photos.  I also tossed in almost an hour of previously released tutorials.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.  I am working on some new training using this platform and would love your opinions.

Get the book here –

Using Movement as Subject When Shooting Time-lapse

No matter what you are shooting–people, landscapes, weather, machines–your subject is essentially the movement of these elements within the frame.  You really need to develop a talent for pre-visualizing how this movement will look in time-lapse mode.

This skill will guide you in determining that important interval setting. As you look up at the sky and watch the clouds barely moving, or try to imagine a stadium filling with people before its actually happened, you will (with experience, make increasingly educated decisions about that span between exposures.

We also want to remind you that postproduction is going to become your best friend. Sometimes its better to just shoot more frames and then speed up the action in post.  This will take some of the guesswork out of trying to constantly answer the “how long” question.  But, don’t get lazy… you still want to develop your time estimation skills!

Shooting Time-lapse? Get More Power.

Depending on the duration of your record time, you may run out of power with the standard in-camera batteries.  Easy right… just swap ’em.  Oh wait, taking the camera of the tripod would screw up the consistency of the shot. Even if the batteries are accessible, you still want to avoid touching the camera. A subtle change in framing from a bumped camera will quickly destroy the illusion.

Try this instead:

  • Get a Grip. You can extend the life of your camera’s power capacity by using a battery grip. These can  attach to the bottom of your camera and allow you to use an additional battery (or even a higher capacity battery).
  • Go Direct. The other option is to switch to AC power. You may need to pick up the adapter as most camera’s don’t include one. Just make sure you have a backup plan like a generator or extension cords.