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In Order To Be Good At Time Lapse You Need To Know What Good Time Lapse Looks Like

While it contains more than just time-lapse footage, the movie Baraka is a time-lapse tour de force. I always tell people if you want to be a great photographer, look at lots of great photographs. The same thing holds true for time lapse photography. You need to know what a good time lapse movie looks like if you hope to be good at time lapse yourself.

Baraka is a 10-year old movie shot on 70mm cameras that will blow your mind. It’s HD before there was HD and the time lapse stuff is just so over the top mesmorizing that I’ve watched it three times this weekend alone. This takes time lapse to a whole new level and has motivated me to up my game considerably. If you have other amazing time-lapse resources let us know in the comments – but it’s going to be hard to top Baraka!